Quality guarantee

89b795d5 The standard warranty time of inverter is 5 years.

89b795d5 If  you want check your exact warranty time of your inverter,
please visit Website : http://server.luxpowertek.com/WManage/web/warranty/query

89b795d5 If you have already extended your warranty time,
please visit the Web site: http://server.luxpowertek.com/WManage/web/warranty/register

To register online first. After registration, you will get an email from the system with a warranty document.

When register online,  you need write some information. For example: your name, phone,  address, and others. In order to prevent multiple register, you need input  wifi  SN and PIN.

89b795d5 If you have any questions, please contact service@luxpowertek.com for help.

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