Off-grid Inverter

Short Description:

*  Flexible working modes with settable charge and load power  priority

*  Support mirco grid system with seperate generator input terminal, and can  remote control generator

*  Support Li-ion battery,advanced battery management integrated for  Lead-acid battery

*  With max 9 pcs paralleling function

*  Free APP and monitor system

Application scenarios


Best Off-grid Inverter Selection

off-grid inverter

Solutions for Off Grid System

off-grid inverter solution

Can partially or completely replace diesel generator.System Capacity: 3-50kW

  • *Off-grid system is a good solution for the area where is no electricity, shortcomings or with unstable power.
  • *Advantage of photovoltaic power:
  •         * economic
  •         * clean
  •         * environmentally friendly
  •         * noise-free

Schematic For Off Grid System

off-grid inverter schamatic

Solar Input:

  • 60-145v/ 100-480v(two models)
  • 2MPPT
  • 4500w/6000w

Off-grid output:

  • 5000w normal
  • 115% overload 10 seconds
  • 150% overload 5 seconds
  • 10000VA inrush power
  • can be parallel and extend to 50kW



  • no limitation for battery quantity
  • no limitation for lead-acid or Li-battery
  • Advanced battery management

AC Side:

  •  Support utility & generator input


off-grid inverter interface

1. Battery Cable Interface

2. Solar Input String 1

3. Solar Input String2

4. Off Grid Output

5. AC Grid Input

6. Generator Input

7. Off grid Output Switch, when turn off it, there will be no output in the output terminal, but the system can still charge the battery


8. System Power Switch, the whole system will shutdown if the switch is off.

9. Battery communication cable

10. Parallel cable communication interface

11. Temperature sensor input

12. Balance resistor PIN for paralleling communication

13. Wifi plug in interface

14. Dry contact/Genset control port

Off-grid Inverter two Working Modes

off-grid inverter work modes

SNA5k serial off-grid inverters can support the system to work as back-up power or a replacement for a diesel generator. Since the inverter support paralleling function, the capacity of the system can range from 3kW to 50kW, The inverter support several working modes.

Pure off-grid working mode: working as traditional off-grid inverters, can set the output to utility first, battery first, or solar first.

Hybrid working mode: working as a hybrid, support solar and utility jointly take the load, can set to the self-consumption mode or charge priority mode.

Off-grid Inverter 4 Features

1.Features--Wireless Paralleling Function

10pcs or even more paralleling extend to 50kW VS 6/9 pcs paralleling max
Can connect battery as one big group bank or seperately battery group; Keep same SOC for groups Can only connect to one big battery bank
Do not require inverters to battery same cable length Require inverters to battery same cable length
No current share cable, same esay communication cable connection With current share cable, different cable connection for different system

2.Features--Grid/Battery/PV Jointly Take the Load

For traditional off grid inverter, load was taken either by battery/PV or by AC grid , which will make low usage of solar power VS For Sonar Off grid inverter, you can use PV and utility take load and keep battery full  at the same time


3.Features--Independent Generator Input

* Independent generator input, free of ATS outside

* Flexiable control of generator

  •        Battery level/battery voltage can be set to turn on the generator
  •        Battery level/battery voltage can be set to turn off the generator

4. Features--Battery Management

* Support Pylon/Weco/Dyness/Aoboet Li-ion battery

* One cable connection, do not need any external box for Li-ion battery communication

* Support battery equalization function to activate the battery period

* Support Battery wake up function


Monitor System Performance

monitor system performance(2)
monitoring system

* Multi-level management: Administrator-->Three levels of distributors-->Installer-->Enduser

* Easier to use(Register, set wifi password), only three steps 

* Local connection support

* Remote monitor, setting, and firmware update.Support Web/IOS/Andriod

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  • Output Data SNA 3000 WPV SNA 4000 WPV SNA 5000 WPV
    Reted Power 3000W/3000VA 4000W/4000VA 5000W/5000VA
    Parallel Capacity Yes Yes Yes
    Nominal Output Voltage 230/240,Split phase 220/110Vac* 230/240,Split phase 220/110Vac* 230/240,Split phase 220/110Vac*
    Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
    Surge Power 6000VA 8000VA 10000VA
    Switch Time 10ms 10ms 10ms
    Wavefrom Pure sine wave Pure sine wave Pure sine wave
    Battery Data   
    Battery Type Lithium/Lead-Acid Lithium/Lead-Acid Lithium/Lead-Acid
    Nominal Voltage 51.2V/48V 51.2V/48V 51.2V/48V
    Max.Charge Voltage 59V 59V 59V
    Solar Charge Data   
    Max.Recommended PV Power 6000W 6000W 6000W
    MPPT Tracker 2 2 2
    Max.PV Open Circuit Voltage 480Vdc 480Vdc 480Vdc
    MPPT Voltage Range 100-385Vdc 100-385Vdc 100-385Vdc
    Max.Solar Charge Current 100A 100A 100A
    Max.MPPT Efficiency >98% >98% >98%
    Parallel MPPT Charger Yes Yes Yes
    AC Charger Data   
    Nominal Voltage 230Vac 230Vac 230Vac
    AC Voltage Range 110-280Vac 110-280Vac 110-280Vac
    Max.Charge Current 60A 60A 60A
    Frequency Range 50Hz/60Hz(Auto Sensing) 50Hz/60Hz(Auto Sensing) 50Hz/60Hz(Auto Sensing)
    General Data   
    Dimensions(W/H/D) 330/504/135mm 330/504/135mm 330/504/135mm
    Weight 14Kg 14Kg 14Kg
    Protection Degree IP20 IP20 IP20
    Relatively Humidity  5%-95%Relative Humidity(No-condensing)
    Operating Temperature 0-50℃ 0-50℃ 0-50℃
    Storage Temerature -15℃-60℃ -15℃-60℃ -15℃-60℃
    Lithium Battery Communication CAN/RS485 CAN/RS485 CAN/RS485
    RS485/Dry Connector YES/YES YES/YES YES/YES
    Warranty 2years 2years 2years
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