How does a solar inverter cost?

With the development of The Times, more and more solar power systems come into sight. It is not an easy task to choose the right solar panel inverter for your system, and there are many factors to consider. This page may provide some references for you to choose a solar inverter for solar panels.

01| Types of Solar Inverters

02| How much does a solar inverter cost?

03| Solar inverter price list

Types of Solar Inverters

A solar inverter or solar panel inverter is a device that converts current, which converts DC current from solar panels into AC current to your home consumption. For large power plants, they feed the electricity generated by the PV power back into the grid.

There are three types of solar inverters, depending on applications.

●       String Inverters. It means connecting several solar panels and solar inverter together in a string, up to 14 panels. This type of inverter is most often used for residential solar power systems and utility solar. String inverters are the most common type of solar power inverters used in Europe, Australia, and Asia. This type is the lowest cost, simple to install, and easy to maintain so that is more and more popular in the US and UK.


●       Central Inverters. This kind of inverter is typically known in commercial installations for example in solar farms, which are large industrial inverter that can handle enormous amounts of power.

●       Micro Inverters. Microinverters are generally installed at the base of some solar panels. They are wired with individual solar panels and optimized each solar panel's power output one to one. That is to say, each panel of electricity is separate from the others. When one solar panel is affected, the remaining solar panels will not be affected or damaged. Despite its high upfront costs, it is still popular in North America for microinverters are the best option for residential solar systems.


How much does a solar inverter cost?

When you make a decision to buy a solar inverter, the price is under consideration. Before you know the price of a solar inverter, you need to know the factors that affect prices.

1.The price of the solar inverter itself.

This cost includes production cost, warranty, installation cost. The cost of solar inverter production is covered the type of solar panel inverter it is, the quality, the potential power output of an inverter, efficiency, and so on.

2.The Brand.

Obviously, famous brands tend to be much more expensive because of the brand effect.

3.Purchase channel.

 There are usually two ways, manufacturer or third-party sales channel. As we all know, you purchased from third-party sales channels is much more expensive than those purchased from manufacturers.

4.Cost of installation.

According to the latest report from the National Renewable Energy Lab, which performs a cost benchmark of the solar industry about installation costs, inverter and panel costs, and related topics, the cost of solar panel inverters range from a high of about $0.27 to a low of $0.09, generally cost around $0.18 per watt. That is to say, solar panel inverters typically range between $1000 and $1500 for an average-sized installation. However, as the installation gets bigger the cost can go up quickly.

Best solar inverter price list

In this article “How to choose the best solar inverters for home?”, I have mentioned the luxpower solar inverters which is the best solar inverter for home use. And now we discuss the detailed prices.

Best Solar Inverters Comparison Chart
Image Model Use Size Compatible Battery Types Other Features Price Range
Hybrid inverter solar storage back-up LXP 3-5KW
Lithium-ion, Lead-acid On-grid mode
Off-grid mode
Parallel mode
AC coupled inverter solar storage back-up LXP 3600 ACS Lithium-ion, Lead-acid On-grid mode
Parallel mode
Off-grid inverter solar storage back-up SONAR 3000-5000
SONAR 3000-5000 WPV
Lithium-ion, Lead-acid Off-grid mode
Hybrid mode

Having selected the solar inverters, but don’t know which solar panel to choose? Please read the chapter

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