What is the best residential power monitoring system?

As residential solar energy and electric vehicles become more widely used, many consumers are considering adding a residential power monitoring system to their homes along with a solar system. The monitoring system is popular in many fields, especially in the field of smart homes. On this page, we can get some knowledge about residential power monitoring systems in the luxpower monitoring system.

What is home energy monitoring?

A residential power monitoring or home energy monitoring is a device that can feedback information on the electrical energy use of the family. It can not only monitor energy usage but also feedback the regular reports of energy consumption so that your family can know more information about your bills and energy-efficient.

What are the benefits of home energy monitoring?

On the surface, they don’t seem to change anything, but you can find a way to do energy distribution and save the bills by the data of monitoring.

How does home energy monitoring work?

In the Luxpower monitoring system, the “monitor” view is for end-user to easily check real-time system information (including Battery, PV, EPS, and Grid), daily & total solar yielding, battery discharging energy, feed-in energy & consumption, and so on. An intelligent monitor system is mainly to monitor the solar inverter. For example, a hybrid inverter is equipped with an internal acquisition circuit, which can collect PV data, battery data, and EPS load data. In addition, an external CT clamp is added to connect with the grid to collect the current from the grid. The collected data is processed by the inverter and packaged sent to the backend server through the WIFI module to achieve remote monitoring. 

How can I monitor my electricity usage at home?

The users can log in to the webpage(http://server.luxpowertek.com) or the App((Luxpowerview) to view real-time monitoring data and maintain it in time.

Monitoring system on the Web

Monitoring system on the App

Through the monitoring system, we can see the working conditions of PV in real-time, the voltage and the power even for hybrid inverter there are two MPPTs, PV1 and PV2 are at a glance. Also, it can figure out the PV panels daily and total solar yielding, battery discharging energy, feed-in energy, consumption, and so on. In addition, it will even remind you of abnormal energy usage, such as power failure. 

How can I monitor my energy usage?

Because the DC energy generated by the PV panels must be converted into usable AC energy through the solar inverter and the battery’s charging and discharging also need the solar inverter to control, both of the power of the solar yielding and the energy of battery charging and discharging can be monitored. Besides that, there is a CT clamp that can capture the electricity of the grid. 

Look at the solar system, there are four variables and their relationship, three of which are known and the rest can be obtained through mathematical calculations.

When PV is sufficient

According to the principle of conservation of energy, the amount of electricity generated = the power consumed. In the monitoring system, the amount of energy generated includes the energy of solar panels generated, battery discharged energy, and energy supplied by the grid. On the contrary, the power consumption includes load consumption, battery charge, and power feedback to the grid.

When the PV power is sufficient, your home energy usage= the energy of PV power- the battery charge energy - the feedback energy to the grid.

When PV is limited

When PV is limited, the battery discharge and the grid supplying the electricity, your home usage= the energy of PV power+ the battery discharge energy + the energy of the grid.

Regardless of day or night, strong or weak sunshine, whether the battery is charging or discharging, grid-connected or off-grid, we can use this method to calculate home electricity consumption.

If you want to know more information about the intelligent monitoring system, please contact us at  info@luxpowertek.com.

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Post time: Mar-24-2021
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