New Generation Hybrid Inverter LXP3K5K is Ready!

To meet the increasing demands from customer of renewable energy, Lux Power brings a revolution on solar plus energy storage application technology by providing its first series hybrid inverter, the LXP Hybrid series hybrid inverter.
Thinner, lighter, smaller, BUT much more stronger
The LXP Hybrid series inverter is a new released series inverter which upgraded the hybrid inverter functions and performance reliability, by more than hundreds technology upgrades during the R&D designing process, the LXP Hybrid could meet most of the common or even unnormal working methods to meet various applications of our dear clients.
The performance reliability is highly guaranteed even from the R&D process, the Lux Power team spend a whole years on more than 300 different types reliability and stability tests internally together with the assistant from tier 1 authorized certification testing laboratory. Not a simply combination on solar and energy storage power conversion technology, Lux Power concerned more about the stability and users experience of our clients, hence we makes much more tests than others and integrated smarter control and energy management algorithms inside the LXP Hybrid series products.
To provide such a products, we are not to enhance the inverter by increase its volume and weight or sometimes makes it very big and complicated, on the contrary we simplified the design by using better topology and components, and maximizing the mechanical design.
Higher yields, higher energy efficiency.
Thanks to over 10 years experiences of inverter technology development of Lux Power team. We provide the products not only stable, but also performed higher efficient.
The solar part it could increase the Europe efficient than old branded inverters, while for battery circuit there also have slightly increase on charge-discharge efficient by at least 0.5%.
Exactly that’s not the highlight of LXP Hybrid, but the unbelievable performance under high ambient temperature. High ambient temperature of the surrounded narrow space of the inverter sometimes keeps over 45℃, which always occurred when sunshine is too sufficient (especially in summer), finally the inverter will be derated to half power level of its rated power under 25℃ and keep wasting the energy of the strong sunshine. But the LXP Hybrid could working normally even the ambient temperature is near 60℃ (which other brands is mean to shut down). Which could give much higher yields of your wholes solar ESS hybrid system by ignoring the boring power derating in hot summer of your inverter.

Post time: Mar-21-2019
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