Luxpower hybrid inverter get new N4105 certificate

As an excellent solution of energy storage system for residential and small business, Lux power is always follow the new requirements of different countries. After get new CEI0-21 certificates for Italy market, we have finished N4105 certificate test and will get the new N4105 certificate in two weeks.

Luxpower team design the system not only meet the requirement of certificates, but also considering the requirements from customers, Luxpower 3-5kW hybrid inverter can work in different applications.

  1. For Self use mode, suitable for the area where cost of power is high
  2. For Off grid mode,  suitable for the area where is no power
  3. For Charge first mode, suitable for the area where power supply is not stable
  4. Luxpower is also able to work with generator and control the generator according to battery SOC or voltage.

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Post time: Sep-02-2020
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