Luxpower hybrid Inverter 5kw VS SNA 5000 WPV

Hybrid inverter 5kw VS SNA 5000 WPV



Do you have difficulty making clear the luxpower hybrid inverter 5kw and luxpower SNA 5000 WPV?


Now this article can help you.

Luxpower hybrid inverter 5kw is a newly designed solar and energy storage inverter, which is capable to install on-grid solar,off-grid solar, and back-up systems.

SNA 5000 WPV is off grid 5kw inverter which can support the system to work as back-up power or a replacement for a diesel generator. And SNA 5000 WPV is usually used in the area where is no electricity or grid lack or grid off all the time.

They are the best-seller and they have many similarities and differences. 

What are the differeces between hybrid inverter 5kw and SNA 5000 WPV?

Luxpower hybrid inverter 5kw can be supplied to the on-grid system, off-grid system, and micro-grid system, but on-grid system most of the time. If you install a hybrid inverter 5kw for the on-grid system, you will have access to get a mass of solar power to support your household appliances and batteries. you can send extra energy to the grid and you will be compensated for that electricity. 

And if you install the luxpower SNA 5000 WPV for the off-grid 5kw system, when the solar system produces a large amount of electricity to afford domestic appliances and batteries, the redundant power has no access to the grid.

hybrid inverter
off-grid application in Philippines1

Despite hybrid inverter has powerful functions to achieve what the off grid can't, luxpower hybrid inverter is more expensive than off grid inverter. The following parameters are designed for reference if you have a tough choice in hybrid inverter 5kw and off grid 5kw solar inverter.

hybrid inverter 5kw vs SNA 5000 WPV parameters differences 

Solar Charge Data Hybrid Inverter 5kw SNA 5000 WPV
Max.DC Input Power  8000W 6000W
DC Input Voltage Range  100-550V.d.c 100-480V.d.c
MPPT Voltage Range  120-500V.d.c 100-385V.d.c
Max.DC Input Current 12.5A 100A
Battery Data    
Battery Type Lithium-ion/Lead-acid Lithium-ion/Lead-acid
Normal Battery Voltage  48V 51.2V/48V
Max.Charge Voltage 59V 59V
AC Charge Data    
Normal AC Voltage 230Vac 230Vac
AC Voltage Range 180-270Vac 110-280Vac
Max.Charge Current  25A  60A
Frequency Range  45-55Hz/55-65Hz 50/60Hz
General Data    
Dimensions(W/H/D) 455/476(565)/181mm 504/330/135mm
Weight   20kg  14kg
Protection Degree  IP65  IP20
Relatively Humidity   0-100% 5%-95%
Oprerating Temperature -25-60℃ 0-50℃
Communication Interfaces RS485, WIFI CAN/RS485, WIFI/GPRS
Warranty 5years 2years

Hybrid Inverter 5kw and SNA 5000 WPV,what do they have in common?

Luxpower inverter hybrid 5kw and SNA 5000 WPV are very popular products at the moment whole the world such as America, England, South Africa, the Philippines, and so on. However they are different from each other, there are a lot in same.

luxpower application

Common features and benefits:

#1. Support Li-ion battery advanced battery management integrated for Lead-acid battery. For the battery's option, you can read Choose a home battery storage system:3 suggestions for reference.

#2. Paralleling function. Luxpower hybrid inverter and off grid inverter have advanced paralleling technical to support more than one unit paralleling and hybrid inverter 10 units while off grid inverter 15 units. For power stations, they need an amount of energy which is needed solar inverter having a paralleling function. Luxpower Hybrid inverter adopts an advanced parallel method to participate in a commercial station in Sep 2020, so that luxpower solar inverter has a wide range of markets.

#3. WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring, setting, and upgrade. Luxpower has Intelligent Monitor System called Smart Energy Management System(SEMS), which is achievable for remote monitoring & maintenance, and always online supports.

#4. Flexible working modes, easy installing and setting. Hybrid inverter 5kw can work on-grid system or off-grid system just like off grid inverter. Instead, SNA 5000 WPV also can work connected with the grid and run well.

#5. Support micro-grid system with separate generator and remote control generator. Hybrid inverter and off grid inverter are capable of micro-grid applications with various AC power sources.

#6. Seamless switching within 0.01s with stronger back-up output. Luxpower has UPS function. Once the grid is protected accidentally, the UPS mode will be automatically and seamlessly activated within 0.01s to ensure your important loads keep working without any blackout. Having the UPS function, the hybrid inverter can work as a back-up power system or off-grid system. Off grid inverter working mode can also work when there is only PV.


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