Luxpower gets CEI0-16 certificate for Italy market

Luxpower hybrid solar inverter has got a new CEI0-16 certificate in December, after a long-term test and marketing investigation. The performance and reliability of the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter were tested in CEI 0-16 standard. That is to say, Luxpower hybrid inverter 3-5kw has complied with the regulations on grid connection of Italy and the performance. As Luxpower got CEI0-21 in July, Luxpower hybrid inverter whose excellent reliability and stability gets very good comments from Italian distributors.

As we know, Lux Power Technology is specialized in solar energy storage. He devotes himself to helping balance energy usage strategies to save energy bills. Hybrid solar inverter has a wide range of markets, which not only addresses residential needs for low tension but also meets the needs of power stations for medium tension.

Italy CEI0-16 certificate
Italy CEI0-16 certificate

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Post time: Dec-22-2020
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