Monitor System

Inteligent Monitor System

Smart Monitoring Platform: A smart platform more than just monitoring, but an intelligent EMS system with continuously enhanced developments Free for usage, always online supports, flexible configurable design for friendly access for all level customers.

The server power monitoring: including real-time monitoring and historical data uploaded from your system, which includes solar panel power, battery discharge power, load power, power feed into the grid, the real-time operating status of the system. The system also counts the total power generation of the solar panel, the total discharge power of the battery, the total amount of power consumed by the load, and the total amount of electricity feed into the grid.
monitoring system
monitor system performance(2)

Remote Control

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote setting
  • Remote upgrade

Smart Energy Management

  • VPP function ready
  • Batch settings
  • Intelligent Charge Logic
  • Event report and remind

Customer Management

  • Effective account structure
  • Positive service
  • Remote maintain
Monitor System Website: server
luxpower app interface
user interface

User Interface

A comprehensive system with very humanity and easy access for any level customers.

By using the comprehensive function of this platform, we can enable multiple EMS functions as VPP DRM.

More than 1000 downloads in google play,4.2 Score.

Smart energy management system(SEMS) is developed to monitor and control the luxpower energy storage system.

You can also download “Luxpowerview” app to register and monitor the system. If you want to know about it, you can visit the web        

For the complete operation, please download 



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