Hybrid LCD shows “No AC connection”

Please check if AC cable is well connected and check the AC breaker status.

Low solar yielding of solar system

1、Please check if the solar panel was shielded by anything or if the sunlight is too weak.

2、Please check if the PV MMP voltage is within specified range .

3、Please provide SN no. of the inverter for Luxpower engineer to analyze.

PV voltage too high

1、Check if the PV voltage is within MPPT voltage range and DC input voltage range of the inverter (considering open-circuit voltage of the solar panel under low temperature)

2、It is recommended to set the solar input within 500V

App monitoring failure

1、Check the network.

2、Check if the wifi module is well-connected (all 3 green lights on without flashing)

Why battery is not working?

1、Under inverter default mode: self-consumption, only when load is to import energy from grid against PV shortage, then the battery will start to discharge. PV charge will proceed till PV energy is enough.

2、If force charge or AC charge function enabled, then you need to check if the SOC and charging period setting is reasonable.

3、Please provide SN no. of the inverter for Luxpower engineer to analyze.

What is the product warranty?

Normal use, 5 years warranty

How to set it to discharge at night ONLY?

It is not necessary to set Force charge mode or AC charge mode, but enable charge first mode in the daytime and PV charge first mode can be set according to battery capacity, PV energy intensity and load requirements, here is the setting procedure: charge priority :enable →  priority charge power rate limit → time period setting.

Insulation impedance too low

1、Please check if the PV cable is damaged or if there is stagnant water where the solar panel was installed, please clean it up in time.

2、Please check if the solar panel and inverter are well-grounded.

Battery open circuit warning

1、Check if the battery connection is reversed. And it is suggested to use multimeter to measure the input voltage before connecting the inverter (input voltage range 40-60V), please pay attention to the battery polarities.

2、Check if the battery switch is closed.


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