CT Clamp

Short Description:

CT clamp for solar inverter

* Self consumption

* Zero export

* Calculate load consumption

Application scenarios

A CT clamp is a device for measuring electric current and giving the direction of the flow for solar inverter, which is in fact a current sensor.

CT clamp Specification

Model Parameters
Current Ratio 1000:1
Max Current 100A
Min Current 100mA
Rated Primary Current 5-400Aac
Maximum Primary Voltage 5000Vac(insulated conductor)
Rated Secondary Voltage 0.333Vac
Operating Temperature  -15℃ to +60℃
Operating Frequency 50-400Hz
Operating Humidity <85%
The Length Of The lead 10m
Accuracy Class 1.0 maximum
Case Material PC/UL94-V0
Environmental Protection RoHS compliance
Phase Angle Less than 2 degrees at 50% of rated current
Certification Compliance with CE requirements
CT clamp

Meter overview(optional)

The meter appearance and dimensions are shown below figure as a reference.

No. Function Pin Remarks
1 Live Line Input Input of internal current sensor
2 Live Line Output output of internal current sensor
3 Neutral
4 Neutral
5 Pulse 1 out+
6 Pulse out-
7 Pulse 2 out+
8 RS485 GND
9 RS485 B
10 RS485 A

Pulse Output Connection

Pulse output must be fed as shown in the wiring diagram right-side.

Scrupulously respect polarities and connection mode.

Opto-coupler with potential-free SPST-NO Contact.

Contact range:5-27Vdc Max

Current input: 27mAdc

Meter Specification

Model SDM120 Modbus Pin
Nominal Voltage(Un) 120V.a.c or 230 V.a.c
Operational Voltage 80%-120% of Un
Basic Current (lb) 5A
Maximum Rated Current (Imax) 45A
Operational Current Range 0.4 lb-Imax
Over Current Withstand 30 Imax for 0.01s
Pulse Output 1000imp/kWh
International Standard IEC62053-21/EN50470-1/3
Accuracy Class Class1/Class B
Installation Category CAT 
Mechanical Environment M1
Electromagnetic Environment E2
Degree of Pollution 2
Ingress Protection Degree IP51(indoor)
Voltage Current Accuracy 0-5%
Frequency Accuracy 0-2 of mid-frequency
Power Factor Accuracy 1% of utility(0.01)
Active&Apprarent Power ±1% of range maximum
Reactive Power Accuracy ±1% of range maximum
Active Energy Class1
Ingress Protection Degree Class2

CT clamp and meter connecting and setting are easy. If you want to know more, please click "What is a CT clamp?" and if you want to know more professionally, please download the PDF.

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