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* Up to 70A charge/discharge current of battery.

* Up to 3600W charge/discharge power of grid.

* Seamless swithing within 0.01s with stronger back-up output.

*  Remote monitoring , setting, maintenance, update for free.

*  5 years warranty.

Application scenarios


System Connection

To retrofit existed on-grid solar system to a solar energy storage hybrid system could not be easier than installing a LXP AC series inverter coupled on the AC side with a battery pack.

    Charge/Discharge Efficiency Cuv    

Self Consumption

Under Self Use mode, AC coupled inverter will detect the power of on-grid inverter generated, which will be used by local loads first, and rest will be stored in the battery by using AC coupled inverter, excessive power will be feedback into the grid. This is the default mode that will increase the self-consumption rate and reduce the energy bill significantly.

Force Time Use

This mode suits situation where the price difference of energy is big. Users can set the charging and discharging time and priority of energy use under Force Time Use mode. The user can also choose whether to charge the battery using grid power if the regulations permitted.

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  • Battery Input/Output 3.6K ACS
    Compatible Battery Type Lithium-ion,Lead-Acid etc
    Battery Voltage Range 48V.d.c
    Max.Charging Voltage(V) <=60V(Configurable)
    Max.Charge/Discharge Current 70A/70A
    Battery Capacity(Ah) >100Ah
    Charging Mode for Li-ion Brttery Self-adaption to BMS
    Charging for Lead-acid Brttery 3-stage adaption with maintenance
    Battery Back feed Current OA
    AC Input/Output 
    Nominal AC Output Power to Utility 3600VA
    Max.AC Output Power to Utility 3600VA
    Max.AC Input Power from Utility 5980VA
    Max.AC Output Current to Utility 16A
    Max.AC Input Current from Utility 26A
    Nominal Output Voltage 220/230V.a.c
    AC Voltage Range 180-270V.a.c
    Norminal AC Frenquency 50Hz/60Hz
    AC Over Currebt Protection 31A
    Power Factor 1(adjustable 0.8leading-0.8lagging)
    THDI <3%
    AC Over Voltage Category CategoryⅢ
    UPS Output 
    Max.Output Power 3600VA
    Nominal Output Voltage 230V.a.c
    Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Max.Output Current 16A
    Peak Power 4500VA,30s
    THDV(linear load) <3%
    Switching Time Typical 0.01s
    Back-up Over Current Protection 31A
    Max. Charge/Discharge  Efficiency 96.00%
    Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
    Over Current/Voltage Protection Yes
    Anti-islanding Protection Yes
    AC Short-circuit Protection Yes
    Leakage Current Protection Yes
    Ground Fault Monitoring Yes
    Grid Monitoring Yes
    Ingress Protect Degree IP65/NEMA4X
    General Data 
    Dimensions(W/H/D) 565/324/171
    Weight 15.6kg
    Topology HF
    Cooling Concept Natural Convection
    Relatively Humidity 100%
    Altitude <2000m
    Noise Emission <25dB
    Standby Consumption <5W
    Display&Communication Interfaces LCD,LED,RS485,WI-FI,CAN
    Certification&Approvals G83,G100,CE,SAA
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