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897fa2f91 INTE-AUTO factory here,supplying push pull connector & cable assembly.Known for their quality and ruggedness, our products proved to be reliable in the most demanding environments.Help to cost down and shorten delivery time.

897fa2f91 LUX POWER was founded by the new energy industry top engineers  who developed various types of solar and energy storage inverters and energy management systems for over15 years,   born as the technical leader and absolute focusing on innovation. With state-of-art technology and understandings to the coming era of energy storage +, LUX POWER team is keen to provide always better products and solutions to enable the power of our users.

897fa2f91 The LUX POWER is now able to offer the standard products which passed high standard certifications ranges from hybrid inverter, AC coupled energy storage inverters, off-grid solutions etc. ..

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